Medical Equipment

A Focus on Medical Equipment Manufacturers. For the last three decades RESCO has helped medical equipment companies find the right solutions to overcome product design and manufacturing challenges. Our customers will be the first to tell you that RESCO understands the unique issues faced by medical equipment manufacturers as well as any supplier in the industry.

A Specialty in Data Collecting. With the growing demand for bar code scanning, imaging, and vision system technology in medical equipment applications, RESCO has emerged as the company more and more OEMs turn to when quality and reliability count. In fact, RESCO has become a leading supplier of these critical technologies to the industry. From high-speed bar code scanning applications to state-of-the-art vision systems, RESCO knows what is possible and how to turn those possibilities into reality.

An Array of Other Products too. Although RESCO is a leader in data collecting applications, that isn’t the only product category where we can help. Through our partnerships with other top manufacturers, you can count on RESCO to support your initiatives in areas such as power supplies, sensors, electro-mechanical devices, and displays.

Manufacturing Services. RESCO has been supplying the medical equipment industry with custom cable harnesses and electro-mechanical assemblies for over 20 years. With our substantial investment in people and equipment coupled with our two manufacturing facilities, RESCO is capable of producing a wide variety of both standard and custom assemblies. And since we can seamlessly feed produced product into our supply chain management systems, you can count on RESCO as a turn-key resource.

Targeted Supply Chain Solutions. The best product is no solution if it doesn’t arrive where you need it, when you need it. RESCO has spent years developing and refining its supply chain systems so that they can be both flexible and precise. We currently provide our customers services such as:

  • Contract product sourcing
  • Custom kitting, packaging, and labeling
  • Clean room packaging
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Dock-to-stock delivery
  • Kanban inventory management
  • Supplier managed inventory
  • Lot code traceability

RESCO is focused on getting you the right product on time, the first time.

We Understand Compliance. Nowhere is quality, safety and adherence to standards more important than in the medical equipment field. Medical equipment manufacturers operate under some of the most rigid governmental compliance requirements of any industry. And since most industry products are designed for worldwide sales, you have to meet not only FDA requirements but also those in Europe and Asia as well. From RoHS to REACH, from UL to CE, RESCO understands and can help ensure your compliance requirements are met.

Quality is Our Priority. The RESCO Electronics Quality Management System (the “RQMS”) is more than a written set of policies and procedures, but rather, a fundamental approach to how we conduct business. At every level of our organization, the needs of our customers come first. As a result, RESCO has developed metrics to track its performance closely. By seeking to continually improve our systems, we make sure our customers get the benefits of quality products, reliable delivery and innovative solutions to their supply chain and custom application needs. And, of course, the RQMS is ISO 9001:2008 registered.


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