Auto ID Solutions

Fixed Position Scanners

1D Linear CCD Fixed Position


NFT-2100     NFT-2100

  • Fixed mount CCD scanner - decoded
  • Reads 1D barcodes at rate of 200/scans second
  • Small size and weight – 2.2”W x 1.9”L x 0.8”D and 3.5 ounces


NFT-8175     NFT-8175_side

  • Extremely fast at 700 scans per second
  • Packaged in a compact, durable metal housing
  • Complete unit with integrated decoder

1D Laser Fixed Position

NLV-1001     NLV1001-back-left

  • Fixed mount laser barcode scanner – processes 100 scans/second
  • Easily reads 1D barcodes
  • Compact size and weight – 1.81”W x 0.79”L x 1.70”D and 0.7 ounces


NLB-1000     NLB-1000_front

  • Fixed mount laser barcode scanner
  • Quickly reads 1D barcodes at a rate of 1000/scans second
  • Reads 1D barcodes in motion - perfect for laboratory, production or distribution scanning applications
  • Compact size and weight – 1.81”W x 0.98”L x 2.28”D and 1.8 ounces

2D Fixed Position

NLV-3101     NLV3101_front

  • World’s most compact 2D imager in its class
  • Rapidly scans/decodes a wide variety of 1D or 2D barcodes
  • Fast global shutter technology with adjustable illumination – easily scan any surface
  • Exceptional motion tolerance for moving applications
  • Improved scanning of curved, wide and poorly printed barcodes
  • Green LED targeting function providing laserfree aiming with no laser class required
  • Programmable with image capture software available
  • Complete unit with integrated decoder

2D Omni Directional Fixed Position

M-10                     M10_black            

  • High speed 2D CMOS imager – omnidirectionally scans up to 60 frames per second
  • Rapidly scans and decodes 1D and 2D barcodes – even on mobile phone LCD screens
  • Stylish, space-saving design that easily fits any desk, workspace or retail counter
  • Scanner can be used as a handheld scanner by using a trigger switch at the head of scanner
  • New data editing program function captures up to 16 codes on multiple images simultaneously
  • Output editing process, such as GS1 format, can also be easily set
  • Compact size and weight – 2.99”W x 5.47”L x 2.76”D and 8.82 ounces
  • Durable - survives 5 foot drop onto concrete and IP52 rating against dust and moisture



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