About Us

Our Unique Approach


Founded in 1932 as Radio Electric Service Company of Baltimore, RESCO Electronics has grown to be a key partner to leading manufacturers. RESCO’s focus on understanding the product development and manufacturing issues faced by its customers clearly sets it apart from others in the industry. We at RESCO know that our success comes only through helping you achieve yours.

RESCO has evolved and prospered for over eight decades by staying true to our core values. These values, shared by each of RESCO's team members, not only guide our approach to business but also have come to define our organization.

As a manufacturer in today’s challenging environment, youmust constantly look for ways to enhance productivity and establish competitive advantage. By increasing predictability through the entire design, procurement, and production process, RESCO can provide your organization a significant operational advantage.




RESCO was recently featured in the Wiring Harness News.          Click here to read the full article.

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