Manufacturing Solutions

Electromechanical Assemblies and Product Customization

RESCO supports the engineering, sourcing, and assembly or enhancement of many types of electromechanical devices and other sub-assemblies. Enhancements include the modification of off-the-shelf products with custom cables, connectors, and power cords. Examples of devices that RESCO can assemble or customize include:

  • Terminal blocks
  • Chassis
  • Displays
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Solenoids
  • Bar Code Readers
  • EMI filters
  • Electromechanical Devices and Assemblies

As with cable assemblies, the production process utilizes a bar-code system that allows for excellent in-process control and quality. All assemblies are visually inspected throughout the manufacturing process and are then, when practical, tested for continuity on one of our computer controlled test sets. When required, even more intense inspection, testing, and documentation can be provided.

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